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How to choose a senior living community

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The decision to move into a senior living community is an exciting opportunity for you or your loved one to find a new home, meet new people and join a community. While this is a new adventure for you, it can also provide family members peace of mind knowing you are getting the support you […]

What Is Vibrant Life®? 

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At their core, Sky Active Living communities are designed to create value for residents through meaningful care and excellent service. Vibrant Life® is an innovative, holistic program that allows residents to create their own schedules and connect with their loved ones and community. There are seven main components to living a Vibrant Life®. Our Vibrant […]

Talking to parents about independent living: How to start the conversation 

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When you were a child, your parents provided the physical and financial support you needed to thrive. During young adulthood, they served as sounding boards, offering advice and insight as you made big life decisions about relationships, your own family, and career and financial planning for the future. As time went on, these roles slowly […]

Personal Care Services

At The Remington, our priority is keeping our residents healthy and cared for while maintaining their independence and quality of life. Our third-party care partners are here to support residents with the activities of daily living.   Adults age 65-plus are more likely to have chronic conditions, take multiple medications, and experience adverse drug reactions that […]

How to downsize your things without downsizing your life 

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One of the most potentially overwhelming parts of the transition to a senior living community can be downsizing your things. Moving from living in a house (sometimes for decades) to a new apartment is intimidating and a lot of work if you don’t have a plan. We accumulate so many things over the years, and […]

Just getting started?

We’re here to help.

Just getting started?

We’re here to help.